Stella Artois Internet campaign

July 25, 2014

Check out our award winning films for Mother and Stella

Transparent and Mother London sent film culture classics back to the 60’s with these Cannes Lions Gold Winning films.

Mother came to us with a typically low internet budget to create 3 x three minute films for Stella Artois 4%.

The campaign had to build on the Riviera chic, established for the brand, have a strong cinematic look, ooze Gallic charm and look like authentic films of the
French cinema of the early sixties. They also had to appeal to film buffs, the wider public and those who have come to expect something special from Stella Artois.

Not a problem when there’s a budget available, but an enormous challenge when there is very little to draw on.

Nevertheless, Mother’s enthusiasm was infectious and we shot the films in an old, faded seaside resort in Uruguay, which we turned into an “authentic” looking 1960 French Riviera.

Researching the project was great fun and very collaborative and finding the little details which parody the originals, helped make the films special.

Mother’s CD Augusto Sousa was full of praise for the art department: “Everything looks very real because all those things used on the films were genuinely from the ’60’s”

Just like Mother did, come to Transparent for a triple filtered smooth outcome.