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Rodrigo Garcia Saiz

Rodrigo enjoys being a Filmmaker. His father being a photographer gave him an early start in the audio video medium. He studied film at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in the University Center for Film Studies CUEC; later, he studied at the New York University NYU, and San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. He began in feature films and as an assistant director. Later, in 2002, founded Central Films, with whom he has won numerous awards in advertising: the Ojo de Ibero-American FIAP, D & D, the London International Awards, the New York Festival or the Ojo de Latin America; and in 2013, for the fifth consecutive year, was the a recipient of a Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival, creating and strengthening a historical precedent in the industry. Rodrigo has become one of the world’s leading Spanish language commercial directors and working on award-winning campaigns for such brands as Sprite, Toyota, Skittles, Burger King, as well as, Coca-Cola, Nike, Budweiser, AT&T, Powerade, Kraft, Mercedes Benz and P&G. Rodrigo has an undeniable talent for storytelling and continues to transcend cultures through his work. Watch this space...