Hyena’s Blood Trailer

July 25, 2014

Short film shot in the style of a blockbuster movie directed by Nico Caicoya

This short film by Nico Caicoya tells the story of a member of the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) in the early years of its foundation. Following his involvement in Vietnam, the main character, played by Jon Lange, is sent to Mexico charged with the task of cleaning up the opium fields.

Our hero confronts the status quo of a country that hates gringos like him and everything they represent.

Hyena’s Blood, is shot in the style of a blockbuster trailer, with a relentless pace throughout. Employing bright visuals, and an array of different film techniques, the film is accompanied by a striking soundtrack.

Brutal from the beginning to the end, Nico keeps you on the edge of your seat, with no intention to hide the violence used in this world of drug-lords.